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Leslie A. Aguillard Welcomes You

Art Saves The World!!!  Artist. Teacher. Fellow human

The work of Denver-based artist Leslie Ann Aguillard has been known to push artistic boundaries. Her approach has made her enjoyed by students and patrons alike.  Contact Leslie and The FoolProof Gallery in Denver, for shows, purchases, commissions. Please check out the sample gallery here and the blog. Scrolling...and we're scrolling...


 Email Leslie:,  or you can snail mail to Leslie c/o WCA Colorado, PO Box 40835, Denver CO 80203,   and for Gallery Representation, contact: Fool Proof Contemporary Art Gallery,    3420 Larimer St., Denver 80205   303-641-3472 

303 698 4882

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Artist Profile

Leslie A. Aguillard graduated with a major and minor in Art and a teaching degree from Illinois State University in 1968. She moved to Denver in 1976 and began Artemis Arts, a commercial and fine arts studio which operated for 30 years. She continues to make art and shows in the Denver Area; is a long time member of the Women's Caucus for Arts, a national organization, and a long time member of the Colorado Artist's Guild.  She has taught Art in High School, Jr. College, and Adult programs and encourages you to pick up a pencil and brush and let your inner child play.  She has a studio which has morphed into most of her house. Luckily her husband is also an artist and understands. Please contact Leslie and Fool Proof Contemporary Art Gallery in Denver for purchases, commissions, upcoming shows or classes. Scroll to the Sample Gallery section for examples of her art, and the blog has examples of her thinking.  Leslie has been a school teacher, teaching art to teens and adults, worked as a candy maker, a hardware store clerk, returned to college in her 40's to become a nationally certified rehabilitation Registered Nurse, and studied even more alternative and complimentary healing methods. She recovered from cancer in the 70's, sang music in various bands for 25 years, always doing things she found interesting, and that paid for art supplies.  Leslie also went through seminary work for nearly 15 years and became ordained as an Independent Catholic priest. It was the first time her mother was ever speechless. So many ways to cope with Existential angst. "We take our turn in the fire of life and should be grateful for the loan when we must repay it. Even if brief and difficult, to have lived at all is a glorious "miracle."     Thanks for visiting.

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